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Richard P. Janke wrote: 

We had chair today! The skeptical teacher is much less so this afternoon.

I entered an assignment and gave every student an A.

Then we visited a student's page to see what happens or shows up. We could
not find his A anywhere.

When do grades show up on a student or parent's page? Or what am I missing
to make them show up?

Is there an owner's manual for parent and student web pages?


Richard P. Janke, Principal

Serving the Lord and feeding His lambs at

St. John's Lutheran Elementary, Montello, Wisconsin




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First place to look is 
Start Page>School Setup>Current Grade Display
Column 1-----Q1-----Gradebook
Column 2-----Q2-----
Column 3-----Q3-----
Column 4-----Q4-----

After you have stored grades at the end of the quarter change Q1 to
Historical (Stored) and enter Gradebook in the next Quarter.

You need to check this after you store grades each time.

Kind Regards,

Jeff Spiaser
Illinois Lutheran High School


This is very good. Thank you. What is the store code for current grade?

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